Self coaching and letting Go.

I (still) need to develop positive and healthy emotional muscle. My muscle-bound insecure Child has weakened me. I need to exercise my mental muscle every day, through my training program. I talk to my self to stick with the truths laid out in the seven self-coaching healing principles :

1. Everyone has a legacy of insecurity, the INSECURE CHILD.

2. Thoughts precede feelings, anxieties, and depressions

3. Anxiety & depression are misguided attempts to control life

4. Control is an illusion, not an answer

5. Insecurity is a habit, and ANY HABIT CAN BE BROKEN

6. Healthy thinking is a choice

7. A good coach is a good motivator

The program will work if you work it.. FIGHTING IPEY !

* Luciani, J. Joseph, PHD. 2001. Self-Coaching: How to heal Anxiety and Depression. John Willey & Sons, Inc.


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